Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why are we blogging?

After spending the last 10 years bouncing around this country we are preparing to bounce out. Last February Spencer passed his FSOT and one very long and surprisingly short year later, he will enter the February 2010 A-100 class to become a foreign service officer. So we again pack up the house, the kids, and the cats, and set out to see the world.  

Some of you may have thought that buying a house in DC would mean that we would stay in one place for a while. In fact, it means we will keep the same address for about 2 years, which is two times our usual stay. Wilson, at 11 years old is the oldest of our three cats, has already lived in 11 different houses. These critters are good travelers and we are going to make every effort to keep them out of quarantine and living in pet friendly countries.

The kids are new to this lifestyle, but are too young to know any different. Our little international baby of mystery, Theodore Danger, is bred for this lifestyle. Our little rough and tumble baby girl, Josie, was born for this lifestyle. I think that both are going to have an amazing childhood. They are going to have so many opportunities, so many experiences, so many languages, that they are destined to be outstanding adults, until they hit the International American schools and the other third culture kids. 

Spencer and I will try to write periodically as we move through training. Most likely there will be more updates when we hit our first post. Neither of us has blogged before, so we don't know how to post images or other fancy things, so bear with us as we learn. We will also try to add more recent photos to our Picassa web albums.  This is going to be an adventure and we hope that you read along with us and even come to visit us.

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