Monday, February 14, 2011

And so it begins.

We just got back from the A-100 welcome reception put on by the 157th Class.  In-processing and orientation start first thing tomorrow morning.  I doubt I'll get much sleep tonight.  Lots of fretting about alarms not going off and late metros and all sorts of other potential mishaps will surely keep me awake.

The 157th took place in October/November and many of them are just starting to ship out to post right now.  They are going to some pretty interesting places; at least one is going to China, another to Cairo, and someone is even going to the Vatican.  It was a nice event, and it makes for a nice soft landing to a new job.  Ted and Josie seemed to have a pretty good time, as there are a lot more young kids in the group than I expected.  I guess if the average age of a new FSO is early thirties, then there are bound to be lots of little ones.  That'll be good for them.

Otherwise, Cary and I alternate between being very excited and a bit overwhelmed as we start this new adventure.  Me, I am mostly excited.  It has been a long time coming.

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Becky said...

Welcome aboard! Just saw your blog on Life After Jerusalem. I look forward to following your journey.