Friday, March 11, 2011

Thank Codd Allnighty, It Is Here Atlass.

Flag Day, that is.  I can't believe it is Flag Day already.  After waiting 6 months that felt like a decade for A-100 to start, the last 4 weeks are a blur of powerpoint, happy hours, and empty Starbucks cups.  I would have liked to have updated the blog more, but A-100 is simply exhausting.  One of the coordinators described it as "drinking from a fire hose" which is an apt metaphor for how much information they give you every day.  It is going to take a few more weeks for my mind to process it all.  No promises, but I'll try to write up more about it in the coming weeks about what A-100 was like.

Anyway, Flag Day is here!

It is impossible not to be jacked-up about it.  In about 10 hours, we'll know where we are going next year, and when we are leaving.  The suspense is killing me.

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