Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Ted and Josie enjoyed their last stateside Easter quite a bit.  For Ted, it was the first time he'd understands about the Easter bunny and candy.  He had three Easter egg hunts in two days, so by the end he was a champ.  The first one, on Saturday at the hardware store, he didn't really get it.  But he liked opening the egg and getting some candy.  Then this morning, he was pretty excited to find some eggs around the house.  After that, we went to a friend's house for brunch, and Ted had yet another egg hunt, only this one there were a bunch of other kids.  So sensing all the competition for a limited amount of eggs in the first room, he quickly moved on to the next room and completely cleaned it out of eggs.  And on to the next one.  We had to plead with him to leave some eggs for the other kids.  When that failed, we had to distract him from the last few eggs in the room.    

Ted got to enjoy a little bit of his hard won chocolate this morning.
As for Josie, she figured out how to open a candy bar when we weren't looking, and we just couldn't take it away.



Getting sleepy...

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