Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rolling up the window

Do you roll up the window in your car or do you push a button? Today one of us told Ted to roll up the window and he called us on it. What does it mean? "Well Ted, way back in the day cars came with a hand crank built into the door. When you wanted to open or close a window you had to work the crank. Hence the saying, 'roll up the window.'"

We talked about this for a while. Life without electronic windows and doors is near impossible for a three year to imagine. Even though he will live in impoverished countries, there is a chance he will never know life without electronic everything.

Ted eventually moved onto other topics, but Spencer and I were left with a strange feeling. We felt like our parents, worse, our grandparents. Using a hand crank in a car sounds archaic and absurd. I just can't seem to move onto other topics.

This blog was originally conceived as a way to highlight the travels and adventures of Teddy and Josie, but Spencer and I are spending more time writing about location of travel and the adventure of working for DOS. Todays post is dedicated to Ted. Thank you for making me feel so very old.


Anna said...

The car that I recently bought (yay!) is a Toyota Corrolla 2005 and it has power locks but not power windows. If I ever drive over to our place we can show Teddy what it looks like to literally roll up a window...

Anna said...

*your place