Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drawing a bath

Eight pots of boiling water plus cold tap water makes a nice tepid bath for two kids. Lugging the water from the kitchen to the bedroom bathtub was a pain, but the kids had a good bath, their second in nine days. I pulled a space heater into the bathroom and while the water was heating on the stove, the air was heating in the room.

Spencer and I each had two showers in this house before we lost hot water. Luckily, we only had one half a day without water. Spencer braved the cold shower in the cold bathroom the other day, but I just couldn't do it. So instead I boiled up a couple of pots of water and washed the best I could. Definitely not loving the new hair cut, but the shorter hair is much appreciated when washing my head in a pot. Sorry Elliott, you are a fabulous stylist. The cut is great, the style is just not working.

After two days of work, the US Embassy-Maseru GSO guys have given us water pressure and hot water! These men are awesome and amazing. I may have to bake them something. Now onto other matters, like the swarm of ants living in the particle board kitchen cabinets, yuck. Some things I can't control, like knowing when our real house will be ready for habitation, but I can dream.

We are spoiled in so many ways here. Americans don't have Lethal Weapon-like diplomatic immunity, but the dip plates on the car guarantee a good parking spot at the grocery store. And it is really the little things that make life good. Teddy and Josie won't remember the things that make each house and post unique, but I hope that they retain some impressions, like heating the water for baths. I think those experiences are ones all of us US suburban born kids should have.

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