Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Herd Boys

Today’s hash was stunning. We hiked through fields, sheep, cows, and through a river. The river bank reminded us of New Mexico or another southwestern state that is now mixed up in my memory.

Along the way we passed two herd boys and their donkey. The boys were about 9 and 11. They thought we were an interesting sight. We probably were. Possibly 30, mostly white, affluent people hiking over their land, taking pictures. We took the long way and the boys found us again, this time with friends.

By the end there were a lot of herd boys, about equal in number to us. So far my experiences with local and village kids has been good, so we talked a little. These boys were preteen and much more assertive than the little ones we usually talk with. For those of you who roll your eyes at preteens in the states, I must say that the behavior of the herd boys was exactly the same. The village kids are only cute when they are little.

For those of you wishing to see pictures of the hash and of our trip to South Africa last week, or maybe the funny pictures of Josie wearing Teddy’s Red Sox cap, you must know that the images are now in the hands of a pick pocketing herd boy.


James and Sarah Talalay said...

Major drag, sorry about your loss. Beginners mistake, where was the camera?

Cary said...

back pocket. totally a rookie mistake.