Saturday, July 16, 2011

Watership down

We haven't had internet so our water trials will have to be summarized here for those who are following.

Thursday we had water, hot water even. The plumbers here are great. They are so nice and they work incredibly hard. We were golden, never happier. In the evening while eating dinner we heard water outside. The big holding tank was overflowing. The tank is a small water tower and was pouring water all over the courtyard. The plumbers were called and turned off the valve. This guy was so nice to come out during dinner. He even brought his beautiful daughter over. She is the same age as Josie. We are going to try to get them together to play sometime.

But turning off the water caused a chain reaction and while indulging ourselves that night we had more trouble. I gave the kids a bath, a nice warm bath, even though i didn't use much water. I am now trained not to waste something so precious. We could hear strange, loud noises outside. Then the guard knocked on the door to tell us the geiser (hot water tank) over the servants quarters (which are empty) was spewing hot water over the building and into the street like Old Faithful. Another call to the plumbers. The man who came this time had some trouble getting the water off, but figured out how to get us through the night. I am going to owe these guys more than just a tray of brownies.

Friday the crew came back and got us all fixed up. I had a fabulous shower with hot water and great water pressure. Life is good. Friday night went out with some embassy staff and came home to find the geiser on top of the house spewing hot water. We debated a long time whether we should call the plumbers at 11pm on a friday night. Eventually we called, but they didn't answer. The water poured out all night and stopped on it's own about 8am this morning. I think we may have drained all the city water.

If this house wasn't temporary, I might have a different opinion, but I will be very happy to move on to our permanent house. GSO says about 2 weeks. I will continue to nag him.

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Joanne said...

Thank goodness this is a temporary house! Hope you get the water situation straightened out soon.