Sunday, July 31, 2011

We can see the mountains clearly now.

The air is dry and dusty here. The grass is dry and brown. There is a thin brown covering on everything.

Everywhere there are small brush fires. The fires sometimes spread across a field, but mostly they smolder in the short, dry grass and then die. It rained one day the first week and has not rained since. Every day the weather is the same, freezing in the morning and 60’s in the daytime sun. perfect weather for those of us with heaters in our houses.

It rained last night and today. It had been about 2.5 weeks since the last rain and for that reason we were taken aback by the weather. The rain washed the roads, cars, houses, and people. The most amazing thing is that it washed the air. The outlines of the mountains are clearly visible now and the colors are stunning.

Driving home from work today Spencer and I witnessed an undescribable sunset. The rain clouds had drifted beyond the western sky. The sun was just setting behind the mountains creating a deep purple sunset. The blue sky and orange hills were to perfect for pictures.

We had commented to each other almost every day that the mountains had a blue hue, as if the air was polluted. Today we learned the air pollution in Maseru is not industrial but dust from the earth.

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