Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The kids get their own rooms, but they still rule the night

The experiment is still ongoing. Teddy spent the first couple of nights in his own room and then decided he was lonely. Josie was a little lonely, but conquered her fears and became a big girl.

Each night we allowed Teddy to choose where he wanted to lay his head. After two or three nights, be chose Josie’s room. We let him do it for a while, but her terrible sleep habits required him to sleep somewhere else. After about a week of bouncing around, we took away the choice and made him sleep in his own bed. This got easier when the HHE arrived. He is back in his big boy bed. The bed he built with mommy a year ago, with the linens he picked out himself from IKEA. He is happy being in his own bed. He still complains he is lonely, but I think he will get over that.

Josie was a little lonely and would point to Teddy’s bed at night. We decided it had to be tough love and would let her cry a little when she woke up at 12, 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 in the morning. Since Teddy came back to her room, that plan didn’t work. When Teddy started sleeping in his own room, she started pointing to the bed at night. Once in the middle of the night, when very tired, I put her in the bed and slept next to her there. She loved it. This happened three nights in a row. Each night she would point to the bed and cry. Spencer and I started to understand, she didn’t miss Teddy, she wanted his bed. The mattresses have been moved to the floor and tonight I put her in there all by herself.

Josie is 17 months old and not ready to be a big girl, why does she keep forcing it? Our little one is growing up too fast. Am I bothered because she really is too young to be in the big girl bed, or is it that she is my youngest, and will always be my baby? Teddy on the other hand wants to be a baby all the time. I just don’t get kids.

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