Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Teddy and Josie get their own rooms

After almost a year of sharing a room, they each get their own. Teddy could not be more excited. Josie is a little sad.

Teddy had a room to himself for over two years, before being forced to share with attention stealing, crying, pooping, little sister. He moved most of his animals and clothes to the new room all by himself. He chose where the bed was going to be and where things like the clock and pictures will go. Daddy spent the night with him, so that he wouldn’t feel lonely.

Josie was a little sad. She has always shared a room, either the first 6 months with mommy and daddy or the balance of her life, with Teddy. She helped move Teddy stuff to the new room. But then her room was very empty, no pictures, no clock, no extra stuff lying around. Especially difficult, no one breathing in the bed next to her. Mommy did not spend the night in her room to comfort her. Josie is a tough cookie and doesn’t need coddling.

After 6 weeks of hell, Josie is finally, almost sleeping through the night. She wakes up once or twice, but goes back to sleep easily with a little parental assistance. She is up for the day between 5 and 5:30am, which is still terrible. She has cut 8 teeth since we moved here, including the flight. Hopefully, the sleepless nights are over for everyone.


Joanne said...

Poor Josie all alone! But I'm excited for Teddy. Glad to hear she is finally sleeping through the night now if you can train her to sleep in.

kayare said...

8 teeth? Wow, what a trooper!