Monday, September 5, 2011

Out of Africa

I saw the movie once when I was a teen and loved it. I saw it again last weekend and it was as if I was seeing it for the first time. If you have not seen Out of Africa, rent it, better yet, buy it. You will want to watch it again. youtube  IMDB

The imagery is beautiful. Many times during the movie I thought to myself, “I want to go to Africa… Holy shit! I am in Africa!” Kenya is amazing. I need to go. Lesotho is not Kenya, Nairobi, or so many other African countries. We have beautiful landscapes, but do not have the animals. Our closest safari is only 30 minutes away, but is in South Africa.

When young I missed several themes of the movie- the heartbreak of loneliness, true love, all that stuff. Those themes still apply to the community here in southern Africa. Many people are ex-patriots on short and sometimes long term projects. Many have left spouse and family in another country.  There are few social events and moral is the biggest issue.

The movie centers around a Danish woman and her affair with a handsome, intelligent, but free spirited hunter. No one plays that part better than Robert Redford. I may have to make movie night a regular thing. Should the next one be A River Runs through it, The Natural, The Sting

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