Monday, October 3, 2011

Or is a cat sailing off to a city of Yuck?

A stomach bug has hit our house. Yuck. We have been told to expect this as a constant thing in the Foreign Service, but I suspect this one is an old fashioned virus.

Both kids are exhausted. We let Teddy sleep in bed with us for two nights. Since his bedroom is so far away from ours, I was afraid I wouldn’t hear him if he needed us in the middle of the night. Josie was sleeping in our bed one morning and Teddy crawled in with her to snuggle. Of course he woke her up, but I snapped a couple of pictures right before that happened.


Unknown said...

I truly believe these are the cutest kids ever

Nomads By Nature said...

That is sweet. Sorry it was due to not feeling well. Hope they are feeling much better and well rested.