Sunday, October 16, 2011

Teddy and Josie sleep through the night! (sort of)

Josie is a terrible sleeper, but steadily getting better. She still has to cut 4 more teeth so we don't have high hopes for sleep at this time. The other weekend we went away. The first night she cried and was terrible. The second night we pushed the two twin beds together and the kids slept in a king sized bed. They slept better than they had in months. We definitely have to do that again. They were in really good moods all day after that. Mommy was in a better mood, too!
It is so great that the two of them really like playing together. I think they are going to be friends. 

A rare photo of Josie sans pacifier.

Teddy likes doing super silly things around the Basotho. He likes the attention he gets when the people around him think he is completely crazy. Without the audience, he is a fairly quiet kid.

Is it wrong that I look at this picture and imagine Josie much older with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth? Growing up in the Foreign Service, she might actually grow up knowing what cigarettes are.

I couldn't decide which picture was better.

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