Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Overseas

Happy Thanksgiving from us to all of our friends and family out there who we do not keep in great touch with.  We'd love to talk to all of you more, but the time differences and technical issues make it difficult.  That said, we are always thinking about all of you back in the State, especially on a day like Thanksgiving.  So, Happy Turkey day from the Maguire Wire.  We miss all of you and wish you well.

Now if you are wondering what it is like to celebrate Turkey Day overseas as an expat, here is a recap of of our first Thanksgiving morning in Lesotho.

First, there was a dirt bike road race, the Roof of Africa Race, that blocked our street so that we couldn't go anywhere this morning.  Ted loved every minute of it.

Second, there was a little cartoon/movie time.

Third, time for a little dancing...

and some general silliness.

Lastly, because we are in Africa and it is 85 degrees on Turkey Day, a little time in the sandbox.

After a full morning like that, they are soundly napping in their beds for a while, and then we will be off to visit some friends for a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope your Thanksgiving is as fun as ours!

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HAwsumb said...

Now I have found your blog thanks to Spencer's FB profile. :) Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to see you at the Ambassador's tomorrow.