Monday, December 12, 2011

Our first Halloween in Maseru

These are very late, because iPhoto is not working on the computer. I now have Picasa, hopefully that continues to work for us.

Josie was obviously going to be Cookie Monster. Her favorite character is Cookie, her favorite song and video. Even her favorite pacifier matches. The only costumes on were 12 and 24 month, so I bought both to try them on. She loved both and carried them around, along with her cookie doll.

Teddy ran through several costumes. The ghost was a game day decision. Next year I am not going to let him choose what he wants to be and will instead mandate it like every year in the past. A little green makeup around the eyes really made the costume. The bad part was that he forgot he was supposed to eat lunch from under his costume and instead fed the sandwich in from the eye holes, making them very dirty.

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