Monday, June 17, 2013

40 days and 40 posts...

Well, maybe.

We are out of Africa in 40 days and a wakeup.  As bad as our internet has been, I will try to write up some of the highlights of our Africa journey before we leave.  I'll do my best to hit on something every day, as there is really a lot to share.

First up, it is @^%^ing cold here right now. Not Moscow cold, but I still think of Africa through an old lens: I remember Biloxi Blues as a kid with Matthew Broderick and his whole riff about "Africa hot."

Africa hot does not apply to Lesotho. We are about a week away from the official beginning of winter here, and we regularly get sub-freezing temperatures shortly after the sun goes down.  While the snowman from below was built in the mountains, it was built 2 MONTHS AGO!!  Easter weekend, no less.  Brrr!

Anyway, so much to tell, so little time.  Check back tomorrow for more.

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