Monday, June 2, 2014


With less than 30 days left in DC we are all going through the usual effects of being short-timers. Usual for us, but maybe not for everyone.

I burn bridges.  Usually I start to fan the flames about six months out. Three months ago, I started a new job. Bad timing, those people will only know me with one foot out the door.
The kids are crying over old friends. They are asking to Skype with buddies they left a year ago. They have stopped asking for paydates as the last day of school gets closer. They desperately miss their cousins and have yet to say "good-bye".

Currently, I am trying to make the most of our last weeks in DC. We have tickets to two plays next weekend. Today we went to the Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic. Every evening for years I have played classical music as they settled to sleep, so it should be no surprise that both kids went straight to sleep at the beginning of the concert. Josie, was out before the first note. Almost two hours later they woke up and enjoyed the finale. Ted is quite goods at picking out the individual instruments from the notes.
A giant group birthday party for Teddy and his two best buds will mark the end of our TDY language DC tour. His birthday is always a big send off. This time we will be literally sailing of into the sunset, complete with water cannons.

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Unknown said...

:( I don't know if I'll be able to come down before you guys ship out!

I'll let you know if anything changes. I love you all and will miss you a lot... Perhaps I can get enough money together to visit China?