Monday, August 11, 2014

5 Reasons to Visit the Maguire Wire in Shanghai

More than three years ago we wrote a post listing the 5 reasons to come to Lesotho. Seems like a nice tradition. Here follows the top five reasons, in no particular order, to dare the transoceanic flight to China.

5. The Great Wall of China. More than 21,000km long; construction on this wonder started during the 7th century BC.

4. Have any piece of clothing custom made. The purple velvet tuxedo you have always wanted can be made right here in China. Bring a pattern or have them create something original just for you.

3. The Terracotta Warriors. The Nelson-Atkins Museum has one of our country's best collections of Chinese art, but the collection does not compare to that found in China. Come see the 2,000 warriors buried with Emperor Qin Shi Huang.

2. Walk the stairs in Mount Huang. Ancient people carved about 60,000 steps into the Yellow Mountains. See the mountains that inspired centuries of art.

1. It will be home to The Maguire Wire for the next two years, of course. 


Map of Shanghai

For those that follow us, how many of our Lesotho five did we accomplish? Reasons to Visit the Maguire Wire in Lesotho

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