Wednesday, January 12, 2011

31 days left.

31 days left at the City Council.  It has been a good run, but I am happy to be moving on.  The job was  great learning experience for me.  Big city politics are different than anything that I could have imagined, and I am grateful to Councilmembers Catania and Bowser for the opportunities.  It has been fun.  Unfortunately, the Wilson Building (City Hall for you non-DC folks) seems like a different place now than when I started.  I cannot put my finger on why, but there is no camaraderie left in the Wilson Building.  It is sad.  I really enjoyed the job in the early years.

More than anything, I will miss some of the random opportunities that have presented themselves during 3 years there.  For example, how many infants (4 weeks) get to hang out with Marion Barry at a picnic.

Ted got participate in his first leash cutting for a dog park this weekend.

I am sure Ted is going to have a pretty fun life in the foreign service, but he had some pretty cool experiences with the Council.

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Jim Slattery said...

Spencer, think about how much the Council has changed in the 12 years I've been there. Used to know everyone, and now hardly know anyone. No one speaks to folks anymore. Especially people right next door!