Sunday, January 16, 2011

So much to do.

It isn't easy to get your mind around what it really means to move your family overseas, away from your family and friends.  The preparation that goes into a cross-town move can be daunting; the preparation that goes into a life in the foreign services is simply overwhelming.  All those things that we often put off for another day -- wills, life insurance, financial planning -- can no longer wait until another day.  State pays for movers to pack and ship your belongings, but there is still much to do.  

It is time to organize our lives.  With only 4 weekends left before A-100 starts, we figured now would be as good a time as any to get started.  We won't know where we will be posted (or when we will move) for another 8 weeks or so, but I expect life to speed up once training starts.  

In the next few months, we will have to get our affairs in order, figure out how to travel internationally with 2 toddlers and 3 cats, inventory all of our belongings, likely get vaccinated like a pin-cushion, organize all of our belongings, and many, many other things that I have not anticipated.  We will be busy.  I purchased some software to help get organized and I'll write up a review of when I have had a chance to put it to use.


Digger said...

Congrats on joining the Foreign Service! I have added a link to your blog to my blogroll of future FS blogs at

Sharlina said...

Congrats! I know how it goes, looking forward to meeting you on Valetine's Day!
-Fellow 159er

Spencer said...


Thanks. I read LIfe After Jerusalem every day, and I spent way too much time this summer browsing the blogroll to see what I am getting myself into. My wife and I are very excited about what is ahead. 2 more weeks.