Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sticker Shock

Say hello to the herd.  The really large black one in the forefront is Wilson.  The large black one behind him is Uncle Mordecai.  The calico is Bevo.

The herd.

We consider the herd to be part of the family.  We aren't going anywhere without them.  However, going to Lesotho makes them one expensive herd to maintain.  Anyone who wants to bring animals to anywhere in southern Africa has go through Johannesburg, which means that you have to comply with South Africa's pet import rules (on top of whatever Lesotho requires).  For a country with rabies, South Africa's pet import rules are weirdly strict.  Add up all the veterinarian bills, the bills from the pet import companies in both the United States and South Africa, and we will be paying somewhere in the ballpark of $5K, just to move the cats.  Yikes!

The good news is that some of this expense is reimbursable.  The bad news is that only the cost of the actual flights is reimbursable, which leaves most of this to come out of our pockets.  I have been told that some of the cost is tax deductible as a moving expense, but that hardly makes this easier to take right now.

Still, look at them  How could we not take them?

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