Thursday, April 14, 2011


Life in the foreign service requires some pretty heavy duty luggage.  When we pack out of DC, our stuff will be divided into 4 categories:

1.  Stuff we will take with us on the plane (luggage).
2.  Stuff we will not see for about a month (Unaccompanied Air Baggage/UAB - we are allowed 700 lbs as a family).
3.  Stuff we will not see for 3-4 months (Household Effects/HHE - we are allowed about 7,000 lbs).
4.  Stuff we might never see again (kidding, sort of -- we get another 11,000 lbs that we can put into long-term storage).

With 2 small kids, it is hard to be without so much of our stuff for such long periods, so it is important to bring as much as possible on the plane.  Because it is an international flight, we are allowed 2 bags plus at least 1 carry-on each.  So bulk is the key to filling our baggage requirements.  I plan to buy 4 more of these:

Teddy, testing out the new L.L. Bean duffle bag.

Actually, that duffle bag is slightly too large, and I had to take it back.  Long story.  I'll likely talk more about luggage, packing out, and the moving process another time, but I was really just looking for an excuse to post these pictures.

Josie checking out the new cat carriers.  

Phew!  We weren't sure she was going to be able to get out.

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Heather said...

Hi! (I am new around these parts!) This is some great information as to how the packing out stuff works. (and pictures of kids in cat crates are always funny! Thanks for sharing for us totally-out-of-the-loop people :)