Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Diplobrat #1 turns 3!

It is hard to believe that we are packing out in less than a week, and will be at Post in just over two weeks.  The last 90 days has been a hectic and crazy ride, but at least the big move is near.  We have been so busy we have not had a chance to update the blog in several weeks, but I hope to change that once we pack out is done.

The big news with us is that Teddy Danger turned three this weekend.  Thank goodness the terrible twos are finally over.  Here are some pictures from the first of Ted's several birthday parties.  For Memorial Day weekend, we made our last big road trip to RI to see the family before we head to Maseru.  My brother threw his annual fishing derby, and they surprised Ted with a birthday cake.  A good time was had by all.

Josephine hanging out by the water.

Teddy taking part in his first Maguire Fishing Derby.

Ted didn't catch anything, but he is intrigued by all the fish in the bucket.

A surprise birthday cake a couple weeks before his birthday.

Josephine's sugar high is wearing off.
Sugar high all worn off, and Josephine is all worn out.
Ted, on the other hand could have hung out by the water all night.

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Heather said...

Hi! I am new around the FS blog parts (they let me in the club even though we are Navy!) I have a little one turning 4 the week we get to post. Boys are fun, aren't they? Good luck with your pack out :)