Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Adventure begins (updated)

The greatest adventures all have slow starts. The kids are enjoying the "once upon a time" part of our story. Last monday movers and packers descended upon our house and carried everything out. Teddy spent the day in school and Josie with the nanny, but they did get to come to the house at the end of every day to see the destruction, uh i mean, progress. The kids played in the maze of stacked boxes and ogled the men, so very big and strong they could carry four boxes at a time. Pictures will follow at some point.
the moving truck in our alley. the cartons for the ship were premade.

Teddy loves his bed at the hotel, he has a queen!  He still gets dangerously close to the edge at night, even with 8 pillows making, what i thought was, an impenetrable wall. Brenna, James, Peggy, and Grandma joined us for a couple of days. We did the goodbye tour of the National Zoo and Natural History museum. We all played every day in the hotel pool. Josie just goes with the flow and is loving the breakfast buffet. She still refuses to eat, but that is no surprise.

part of the goodbye tour: saying goodbye to kate, gerry, and miki
Today they are doing the goodbye tour of the rest of the National Mall and probably some fountains with Grammy. I expect some wet and tired kids to arrive back here very soon. Then the next stage of the adventure begins. The cats ship out today at noon. This is the saddest part for me. I will miss my little guys and will have no way of knowing what their portion of the adventure will be like. If i was a good writer, i think this would make a great kids book.

Like all great adventures, we do not know what will happen next. We have 3 flights and another hotel in the next 3 days. No house yet, but have been assured that we will not be left out in the cold in Maseru. We will update when possible and send pictures as soon as i find the camera card.

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