Thursday, August 4, 2011

The ride home tonight

Today I drove the car home! That is right, I drove it home and it felt great! The car is fine and is what you would expect for a $3000 vehicle. It should last 2 years and be sellable at the end of the tour.

The inside was covered in ashes and smelled like cigarettes. Reminded me of Pop as soon as I got in. My 15 minute drive home was dedicated to him. I wonder what Nanny and Pop would think of this life? I bet they would not be surprised.

Teddy was almost named James. Since both of Ted’s soon-to-be-great-grand-parents passed away while I was pregnant, two strong contenders were James and Heide. But James was taken off the table when my Aunt Debbie told me at the wake that cousins should not have the same name. Ted idolizes his cousin James, so we are okay with our name choice.

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Joanne said...

Nannie & Pop would not be surprised at all! Glad you're able to drive, now if you could just move into your permanent home.