Saturday, August 6, 2011

We have moved!

Though this time the mailing address stays the same, which is awesome. Moving in Maseru is different than any other same town move. The number of moving pieces is always insane when doing anything in the State Department.

There were so many people involved, yet i don't think any of them were working. I was in and out, traveling between the houses and the embassy most of the day. Every time I stopped in, certain people were always on break. I brought pizza to the new house for everyone at 11:30. The locally engaged staff usually have lunch at 1pm, but since I was had things to do, I brought lunch early. They ate lunch, lazed about until 1pm and then said that they would be back at 2 to do the rest of the work. Yup, multiple lunch breaks and no work done. I just don't get it, but they certainly got away with it.

The new house is very nice. We still have to figure out the sleeping arraignments. The bedrooms are not all together, so either we risk some security issues or the kids continue to share a room. That is the dilemma that is keeping me up tonight, 3:12am Lesotho time. I can't wait until these guys are older and sleep better, and can be left alone in a secure room at night.

Teddy had a great time watching the workers. He even got to help build the brick driveway. They moved the generator with a crane. The kid was in his glory. If only Bob the Builder had made an appearance.

The new house has 5, count them, 5 bathrooms. 4 more than we are used to. that alone is great. UAB is already here, now we just have to wait for HHE which has the pictures for the walls. Then this place will feel like home.

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James and Sarah Talalay said...

Congrats on getting in your perm house. Vfunny line about Bob the Builder.