Thursday, September 15, 2011

Miss you all

After spending all night trying to get the internet or Google chat to work I have given up on calling my mom. At least the internet worked with Spencer’s mom was going in for surgery.

We are very lucky. We do have internet and do not have to rely on letters. In fact I still haven’t figured out how to mail a package. Sorry Maya, but your wedding gift, purchased the second weekend we were here, is still sitting in my closet. Delia and Brenna, you will get your gifts sometime this year, I hope. We have phones, but I have trouble calling our neighbors in South Africa, let alone the states. I don’t know why the old fashioned methods of communication are so difficult to use here. But we are lucky; we have the internet and internet phone. Now if I only I can get them to work.

My apologies mom for not talking to you in weeks. I am trying, not as hard as I can, but I am trying. Kate, I have not forgotten you, but damn it that extra hour time difference makes calling tough. And to all of you who send nice, long emails, this apology is for you. I am sorry, but I don’t even check email every day any more, internet is too unreliable. But I think of all of you often and wonder what you are doing.

Love to all,

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