Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chicken is a Rare Bird

Chicken is very popular. Maseru even has a KFC. The story is that all of the fast food chains tried Maseru, but they didn't survive because Basotho like chicken better. Yet, chicken meat is hard to find.

The grocery store has a case of chicken parts and a shelf in the meat section dedicated to roasting chickens. There are three shelves dedicated to breasts and trays of either legs or wings, but those shelves are always empty. I have gone to the store several times this week looking for chicken breasts, and the shelves are empty.

The beef section is huge, the pork section is large, and the lamp section matches the chicken section. Those sections are always well stocked. The Pick n Pay makes some excellent sausages out of all of those meats, and those we can find every couple of days. Chicken is scarce.

I have heard two reasons for why chicken is a rare delicacy. 1- Lesotho has trouble importing chicken from or possibly, through South Africa. 2- When people see that chicken is in stock they clean out the store. This one I know to be true because ___ and ____ are frequent offenders.

It seems so wrong, but I might start hording chicken. Who would have guessed that a nice roast chicken breast would be a rare treat?  Now that I am taking over as the sandwich lady at the Hash I am going to need to stock up. Sorry guys, but no chicken salad sandwiches at tomorrows Hash. I went several times to the store and there were no chicken breasts to be found.

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