Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Best Restaurants in Maseru

There are only a couple of restaurants in Maseru. The Regal, The Tennis Courts, Rendezvous, Mimmos, Nandos, Scooters, Ocean Basket, and Spur. The past two are located in the mall. None of these restaurants are great.

A lot of people like Regal because it specializes in Chinese and Indian, as if those two actually go together. Personally, I don't like Indian food, so don't expect a review here. We tried Rendezvous tonight and it was good. It is the restaurant highlighted in the embassy welcome video, which was made many years ago. It must have been the only place to eat then. It has the feel of a place that was once great, was once THE place to go. It is in the same building as Lancer's Inn. If there is a good writer in the expat community, Lancer's Inn is begging to be the location for a novel or a movie. I imagine a modern Agatha Christie like story, similar to The Orient Express, but that is just me.

The restaurants here are okay, but always missing something. We started our evening at Ocean Basket for sushi, but they were out of salmon and tuna. They serve Denny's style food from a menu of pictures and were somehow surprised when we left without ordering. One other time I had sushi there, and besides really slow service, the food was fine.

After that we went to Rendezvous with lowered hopes. The menu was mostly intact, minus most of the wines and the cheesecake. Still the salmon was good and Spencer proclaimed the Chicken Cordon Blue as the best meal in Lesotho.

We have had Nando's for friday lunch, same chain as in the States. We have had Mimmos, Italian deli, which is good, but they don't serve desert. Spencer had an event there and asked them to figure out cannoli's, they came back with Jello. Not the same. Scooters is pizza and entirely edible. Spur we have talked about in previous posts, the kids love the jumping. Otherwise good food is a border crossing away.

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