Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A lot of life happens in 4.5 months

We have talked before about the things we are missing in the States. We are so out of touch that we don’t even hear about half of them. Of the people closest in our lives we have so far missed: one wedding; one birth; one divorce; one huge family drama, one parent in critical condition, now stable in the hospital; one heart surgery of a parent; lost pets; and a lot of birthdays.

Maybe in some ways it is good that we live so far away, so that I am unable to interfere in things. But I feel out of touch and helpless. I wish I could be there to watch my friend’s baby because she needs a nap. I wish I could be there to hold the hand or hug the people who are hurting. 

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Nomads By Nature said...

I totally get you on this and struggle with it too.