Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie, Cookie Me

Josie loves Cookie Monster. She loves to sign the song “C is for Cookie.” She just doesn’t know the words yet. Her vocabulary is improving daily, and so is her pronunciation.

Josie is even using two word sentences now, three if you count “Peez” (please- for the rest of you).  The sentence thing, I think, is just the last week. I don’t think that she was doing it before Spencer left for the States. Even this morning she surprised me by pulling two tubes of creme out of her drawer and saying "two creme."Not exactly a sentence, but there was counting, so I am still impressed.

I loved watching Ted learn to speak. They learn very differently, so I still enjoy watching her learn. They both get such a kick out of being understood. I don’t get everything they say and said, but enough to fake my way through until they point.

Josie’s vocabulary is too big to write down. Teddy’s is larger than mine. I am not sure her’s will get that big, especially not at 3.5years. Her nanny is good, but doesn’t speak as often as I did with Ted and doesn’t have my vocabulary. Still Josie is learning and doing, and following everything her brother does. These are fun milestones to watch.

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