Friday, February 10, 2012

And the Cat Came Back

We had a huge rain storm last night and deluge continued through the morning. The rain may have saved our cat, but also gave him away. Wilson was found lounging all nonchalant in the hallway with the other kitties this morning, but unlike the others he was totally soaked. He had found an open window and explored the great outdoors. Lucky for all of us, this window was low to the floor and situated over the outside steps, so it was easy for him to escape and not too hard for him to get back in. Understand that this is an 18lb. cat, so "not too hard", is like saying "an easy hop" for a normal cat.

Wilson has always dreamed of being an outdoor cat. He breaks out of the house whenever possible. He does come back. He knows where the food is, inside. He would starve to death in the wild.

I don't know if Bevo or Uncle Mordecai were tempted to escape, but I have to believe the rain kept them in. Bevo was an outdoor cat as a kitten and knows how good life is on the inside. She is curled up on my hip right now. Mordecai, well, he has had his adventure and I think he prefers to sit around and tell the others his tales.

The Cat Came Back- Rowlf the Dog

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