Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ted's Class Newsletter

Teddy is a chatty kid. He gets that totally from his dad and if you are reading this blog, you know exactly what I mean. The kid just doesn't shut up, he might even talk in his sleep. He is also a pretty charismatic child, which means that he has far more friends than I do.

The class distributed a newsletter today. Most kids when interviewed about their winter break said something short and sweet. I have to give you some samples because 1- you can see what short and sweet is. 2- you can see the British spellings, which I still struggle with. 3- see the products and places that are important to little ones here. Here are some samples:
"I went to Pick n Pay with my mum to buy Simbas." (PnP is the local grocery store. Simbas are a kind of chip.
"I went to Bloemfontein to eat ice-cream." (The biggest town near us, about 2 hours away).
"I went to Pick n Pay with my dad to buy yoghurt and chips."
"We went to Cape Town by aeroplane because it was too long to drive and tiring. We stayed there for 3 days. Mummy bought us ice-cream and we saw penguins. This is how they walked (demonstration)." (Teddy)

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