Tuesday, February 14, 2012

One year in

It is really hard to believe that a year ago today my A-100 classmates and I were sworn in as newly minted Foreign Service Officers.  The lead-up to A-100, from taking the test, then writing the essays, and then on to the orals, and through the lengthy security clearance process was like running an ultramarathon.  It took a heavy toll, and there were times when it seemed like it was never going to happen, but for 54 of us, we got our start on February 14th last year. 

Most of the people who start the process do not make it all the way through the process, which means that there really is no decision to make at the beginning.  It is only when you start to clear some of the hurdles do you start to realize that you have to decide on whether you (and your family) are ready to enter this life.  Cary and I have both always had a bit of wanderlust, so we didn't have much hesitation.  We figured that, despite giving up a rather comfortable American upbringing for the diplobrats, that they would benefit and enjoy the adventure.  I can say after one year that joining the Foriegn Service was without a doubt the right decision.  It has not been all roses, and there have certainly been a few bumps in the road, but life in the foreign service does offer some interesting adventures.

I know I have been a laggard on posting to the blog, mostly because work has been pretty busy and the kids wear me out when I get home at night, but I promise to make a better effort to chroncle my life in the foreign service serving in Lesotho during Year 2.  In reture, we would love to hear more from our readers, whoever you are, so don't be shy with the comments.

Many thanks to all of our family and friends and anyone else who has stumbled upon us on the web for taking the time to share in our adventure.  We miss everyone in the Rhode Island and Pennsylvania and Kentucky and D.C. and everywhere else we have lived, despite the fact that we don't call as often as we should. 

Looking forward to an exciting 2nd year in the FS.

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Peg G said...

My first time posting a comment.. I can not believe its been almost a full year out of country already. I am very proud of you and I am sure dad would also be proud of everything you have done. You always said you would escape Johnston and you have--so far. Thanks for remembering James' b'day. They are always exicited to listen to Teddy. See you all in August.