Thursday, June 28, 2012

When does your license expire?

Always a good question to ask yourself. Right now, walk over to your wallet, pull out your driver's license and check the expiration date. While you are at it, check the dates on your passport(s). If the dates are close to expiring, leave this blog immediately and renew.

That is the question Spencer posed to me Monday. He was wise to ask, my driver's license had expired 93 days ago!!!! I tried to renew online, but the DMV would not let me. I wrote a friend of Spencer's who has connections and still it was a no go. I wrote to FLO (Family Liaison Office) and they had some contacts in VA and MD, but none in our state. I tried OBC and was reminded that I had been warned that these things do happen. Thanks.  Next time I am in the States I will have to retake my road and written tests. Ugh.

Thankfully, working in an Embassy has many privilidges. One big one for me this week, is working with wonderful people who know how the Lesotho bureaucracy works. A big "thank you" has to go out to the LES who took me by the hand and walked me through, in fact drove me to and practically held my hand throughout, the whole process of getting a local license.

Foreign Service families beware, this happens all the time. In our small post there are a couple of people  who had expired licenses or close calls. If you haven't already, pull out your wallet and check the date!


Nomads By Nature said...

I have been dealing with this issue as well with timing of issues not being on my side. It is frustrating, but have found a temporary solution. Glad to know that a local license option is there. In Oman we were required to get a local license and the LES staff were brilliant in walking us through the system.

Cary said...

Do any countries support the international license? is it worth getting?