Friday, June 29, 2012

Internet in Lesotho

I always complain about internet here so I thought it might be good to show you the receipts.

We buy the largest bulk size available from Vodacom in order to get the discount. Not much of a discount, but we will take what we can get. The price is R655.30 for 4000mb. The true value is R680.

This lasts about 21 days. That is without downloading or uploading pictures or watching videos. We just do the normal browsing, email, Facebook, and the occasional software update. As you are painfully aware, this has not included bog updates in many months and no pictures.

Vodacom is the best for us, since the Econet in our house worked only 2 weeks each month. Though when it worked it was great. Vodacom is a stick, but feels more like dialup since we have to turn it on every time we want to browse and turn it off whenever moving to another application. Still it is hit or miss. Most days we try to connect many times before it makes an actual connection to the internet.  We actually reprogrammed the audio on the computer to say "Damn it!" every time the Vodacom stick kicks us off the internet. This happens randomly and also when not actively surfing. For example, the internet kicked off midway through typing the third paragraph of the blog post. If i pay attention and connect again, I won't lose my work.

The current exchange rate is R8.45/$1. 4000mb every 21 days is about $77.55.We purchased 5 bundles between April 12 and June 30.  I don't want to do the math for the year.

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