Friday, July 13, 2012

Mail Call

Mail is slow here, but could be worse. It has been worse. There were 2 and 3 month delays the first six months we lived here. Consequence of being the ugly step-sister of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Now on average the wait is 3 weeks.

Recently we received mail and it contained things ordered 22 days ago. A little late for Father's Day, but right on time for Spencer's birthday. It is best to plan for 4 weeks, but it is good to know that the crazy multi-month delays are behind us. 

But now I remember mail last week, when we received over 300 pull-ups and diapers. There was a hold up somewhere and we did not receive any diapers for many weeks. Out of necessity Josie had to be totally potty trained. She was on her way, but due to the potty issues we had with Ted, we were taking this one really slow. Now that she is in underwear during the day, we have enough pull-ups and diapers to last both kids through our time in Maseru. Maybe both will be ready for underwear at night when we leave. That would be awesome!

Usually mail comes once a week, sometimes less. It feels like the Pony Express is riding through town when it comes. I truly understand the excitement of the mail. That excitement is lost with 6 day a week delivery. While I was out of the country, did it change to 5 days?  Just wondering. Anyway... mail is one of the most exciting things in my life. Most times mail consists of the standard solicitations, but it is exciting none-the-less. 

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emlovesbeer said...

Potty training based on mail delivery? Good on you! I dread the day...