Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Petrol in Lesotho

Petrol, unleaded for us Americans, is relatively easy to get in Maseru. Stations are not easy to find outside of the main city. They can be found at main intersections throughout the country, but you are encouraged to gas up whenever you see one. It is also common for stations to be out of petrol, so it is best to top up even if you know there is a station up the road. Your favorite might be out for the day.

My last till slip (receipt) information is below. This filled the tank for about 7 days of normal use. I have been meaning to write down the milage for months, but haven't done it. With an exchange rate of 8.45R/$ we are paying about $79.53 each week for fuel.

unleaded 93
10.20Rand per Liter
R672.00 total
82.53 VAT included (value added tax of 14%)

Diesel is easy to find and maybe would have been a better choice, but we didn't know that when we moved here.


Nomads By Nature said...

It took us between 90 and 106 US to fill up in Mozambique for unleaded. In South Africa it cost around 70 US to fill the tank. Both prices included VAT that was not refundable (Mozambique because it wasn't and South Africa because the process at the border was so slow, unhelpful and riddled with snags that it wasn't worth the time to pursue). I hope you are able to get your VAT back easily.

Cary said...

we will see about that. so far we have not received vat back in a year. the process is frustrating and long. when it finally comes through, i will definitely post it. good luck to you!