Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I miss most about the States.

I miss:
  • number one, without question, Dunkin' Donuts sesame seed bagels!
  • good pizza
  • food options
  • options in general
  • mindless tv
  • customer service (I used to think it was bad in the States!)
  • delivery of pizza, movies, anything
  • internet
  • decent, cheap clothing
  • walking to a bar, restaurant, to a neighbor's house
  • city night life
  • yards without walls and razor wire
  • proximity to water and fish
  • sushi
  • safe public transportation
  • leaving doors unlocked
  • Spencer misses family and friends. We all know that I eschew personal attachments.
  • Sports: football (real football) and baseball
  • Dunkin' Donuts donuts
  • Museums and music. 
  • Radio
  • NPR and WEEI
  • paying with bills rather than coins
  • Capitalism
  • tall buildings
  • Organizational skills
  • parks and playgrounds
I don't miss:
  • Election coverage
  • traffic and commutes
  • lack of random animals on the side of the road. I do love the cows that wander down the street
  • mail 6 days a week. I like the once every week or two week surprise. Longer than that stinks.
  • Movie theater rates. Maseru is about $3 for VIP seats.
  • warm days, even in the winter
  • having to clean my own dirty dishes
What I am afraid of:
  • walking into Target and crying because of all the options. I am seriously worried that I will hoard.
  • driving on the other side of the road
  • speaking British English and being mocked by family and friends. Please don't mock my children if they mix British English or Sesotho with their English. They are not weird or different, just learning.

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