Thursday, July 18, 2013

Packing Out

It seems so simple. One pile for luggage, one pile to live on for a year (UAB), one pile shipping directly to the next destination (HHE), one pile to give away. Life and possessions sorted into four piles.

The hard part is deciding what we will need for one year. This is supposed to be a small pile, smallish. If i really think about it, what I need for a year should be what I need forever. So does that mean that my HHE pile should be non-existent, or that the UAB pile needs to be bigger? I want to scream, "It's my industrial strength hair dryer and I can't live without it!"

My husband and I have different views. He comes from long line of pack rats, so he can't help himself from storing everything. I would like to be a minimalist (ie bike, clothes, make-up, electronics). Who can't live with just those things? Is there anything that is not easy to buy in DC?

The kids have sorted their books and toys. With just those two, I think we hit our weight category. I tried to explain how awesome libraries are in the States, but they didn't believe me. They did a good job though of letting things go. We will see how well they handle giving items away, when it comes to actually handing those things off. I must defend them and point out that the first shipment of books to the American International School went very well.

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