Sunday, July 7, 2013

Good Bye Lesotho. Good Bye Basotho. Good Bye Bo-peeps.

Looking at the 250 people gathered to celebrate the Fourth of July at the Embassy I thought about leaving Lesotho. I stood at the back of the crowd and mentally said good-bye to each of my friends. I said good-bye to H as she dropped her papers while listening to the speech. I said good-bye to everyone.  Time to walk away.

We talked about having a good-bye party. Just three families and we could not agree on the party, happy hour with kids or late night with dancing. We all needed something different to leave. I know what is best for me, walking away. No reason to say good-bye really, people I care about will keep in touch one way or another, maybe we even see each other in a far off place and time.

Just made my last batch of ice cream for the next two and a half years. The ice cream maker is gong to Moscow. There are lots of good ice cream shops in the States, I don’t need to bring it along. I will share it with friends at their going away party.

Saw H again Thursday evening and made arraignments to say good-bye to her dog. Not her, didn’t need to, already said good-bye to her from afar.  For anyone in Lesotho reading this bog, “Good-bye”. I love you and will miss you. Would prefer to give everyone a true hug, American style, not the two or three cheek kiss thing that I frequently botch. Know that I care, but I am not going to seek everyone out.

How will the kids learn to say good-bye to places and friends? The question is immediately followed by another, “Are we totally f-ing them up for life?”
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