Saturday, July 2, 2011

Almost There

I have less than 32 minutes before the computer dies, so the recap will be incomplete and not well written, but at this point I am sure you have come to expect nothing more nor less.  The flights were fast. Even the 16.5 hour flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg literally flew by. We had a strong tail wind, so the flight was significantly shorter than expected. The kids slept most of the time in their car seats and the rest of the time they watched movies or tv. they rarely watch tv at home, so they were totally spellbound by the inseat movie viewing. Ted saw cars for the first time and finally knows the names of the characters on his bedroll and in his friends' toy chests. Josie watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast twice, without headphones. She has seen a scene or two before on YouTube so at least she has an idea what is going on.  Neither of us were ready for headphones, but she was perfectly happy with the movie as it was.

The kids were really great on all three flights. We handed out mini chocolate bars to the people around us and apologized in advance for the behavior of the kids, but no apologies were necessary. I have to say it again; these kids were awesome and amazing on three long, complicated, and often stressful flights. Josie even upped the challenge by growing teeth the week of our trip. We noticed the blisters on the top and bottom gums in the hotel and, sure enough, we noticed that the bottom one was cutting through while on the Dulles to Atlanta flight. Josie powered through sore gums, a runny nose, and a fever.

teddy sleeping on spencer on the first flight.
she ripped off her shoes and socks right away

The Johannesburg Intercontinental was gorgeous. I may have to start the "bathrooms of the world" page on this blog. Sadly, we did not get to use what looked to be the most comfortable bed ever created. Josie, our fantastic traveler, got her revenge by waking up at 11pm and not going back to sleep. Everyone woke up and was forced to stay up. We leisurely repacked our bags and got out the door at 4:45am for our flight to Maseru. She may require sleep training when we get settled in.

Our house is still undergoing upgrades, so we are staying in a vacant house in the housing pool. This house, properly termed "mansion", has so much potential, but looks like an apartment for rotating FSOs. There is a court yard, yard, separate garage, separate servants quarters/guest house, and a guard shack. The place is so big that I shut down one wing and moved the kids’ beds upstairs to the living room. Now we would all be closer and the cats and kids have fewer places to hide or mess up. I can't wait for household help, because the idea of cleaning this place is overwhelming. Even with one wing closed and the kids closer, the monitors do not cover the distance. Still, I hear Josie crying again. Do I sleep train now or after the teeth are farther along?

Update- I forgot to mention that the cats arrived safe and sound. Mordecai is even outgoing and friendly, which is abnormal. They are enjoying the house. There are a lot of windows and several glass doors in every room. The house is home to a flock of pigeons, they are everywhere. Teddy is afraid to go outside because of all the birds. The cats love being able to hide under tables and watch the birds on the porch through the glass doors. 

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