Monday, August 8, 2011

Household help

We have two lovely ladies working on our house. One is responsible for the children and the other for the household stuff. The two could not be more different in personality, so only time will tell how well the three of us get along. But having two helpers is awesome.

After almost 4 years of doing all the work myself, domestics are greatly appreciated. To all you SAHM's out there- I now have two people doing the job I used to do. Sure the floors are cleaned more often than when I was the only person cleaning them, but really, I used to do the job of two people. This is my last week as Lady of the Manor. Next week I start working again. Until then, I will enjoy wondering around showing them how to use the vacuum to my standards and how to raise my children, as if I was the expert.

This post sat in drafts for a while and now I have to change my opinion. I am a control freak. I knew this before and so did most of you, but you probably would not of guessed the agony I go through when I watch these ladies make mistakes. I can laugh and shake my head when the housekeeper cuts up my State owned curtains, probably a $600 mistake. But i lose my mind when the nanny ignores a pee accident that is all over the couch, or kid. Maybe it is culture, maybe it is my own obsessive compulsive, controlling tendencies, or maybe it is just that one member of the staff appears to be the laziest person I have ever known.

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