Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hashing in Country Number Three (Updated)

In an effort to find something enjoyable in Shanghai, I again pursued the H3. I miss Lesotho. There are a lot of features to miss, but mostly I miss the expat community. They usually found themselves at one time or regularly hiking with the local chapter of the Hash House Harriers. We attended most every weekend.

This one runs a little differently. I found myself in the circle on the second hike reminding both of my children that "what is said on the hash, stays at the hash." The double entendres are singularly risqué. And oh boy, the vocabulary is more than earmuffs can handle. It is a good thing that the kind soul corresponding with me via email pointed me towards the most family friendly chapter of the six in town. Note to self: I have to remember to fine my son at the next meeting for interrupting dinner with, "time to grease the beer ayi!"(translation: time for the beer bitches or booze master to take a drink)

The kids are amazing. No longer am I carrying one or both, instead I am chasing them. Ted runs most of the way. He doesn't have quite the stamina to do the whole thing and walks a bit with me and Josie.  Josie whines out of habit, but does really well. I am so proud of these guys. They are walking several kilometers and I would guess Ted is running at least 2 or 3 straight. I am out of breath chasing him. 

The hash is a great way to get a little exercise, meet some new and interesting people, and especially get out of the city. So far we have explored a water town surrounded by lotus and another town actively harvesting rice. Walking along the mud paths between the rice patties was a new experience. We watched the harvest and the practice of stacking it in the road. I have a new respect for rice. It occurred to me that I have only ever viewed rice as a bag on the grocery store shelf. The process was interesting and I wish I was not running through the town, but lingering to observe. The strange part about Shanghai is that the sky looks like is about to storm, but that is just the pollution. We are getting out to see nature and the countryside, but everything is in shades of grey. 
This particular hash has a party bus and a traditional Chinese dinner afterwards. Quite nice. I do find that I greatly miss the touch of sophistication brought by Off Off, but I think we will see this through. 

Hashing over the canals of a water town.
Shirtless man in a dingy just floating on the canal. Every once in a while he would shout to Ted, encouraging the boy to jump in. I had a hard time holding the boy back. 

A little different running through a market. Holy cow my butt is huge. Seriously have to start doing something about that, the last 6 months have not been kind.  
The Beijing belly.

Waiting to circle up.
Hash hold/Beer Stop 

Don't let the picture fool you, the Tsingtao bottles are 950ml! Not a wise decision to drink three that night.

P.S. Dear hash mistress, please forgive me for plagiarizing portions of our emails. 
P.S.S. Please excuse the terrible grammar. In an effort to get one posting out a week, I have skimped on editing. 

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